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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Stop Hoping - Trust & Wonder

Ever since a child most of us have been taught to have hope. Hope for a better day. Hope for a better life. Hope to have a loving spouse and kids. Hope to be wealthy. Hope to have great health. There are so many other hopes you can think of.

Well, hope is great to have but there is one major flaw with this. Without us knowing we start getting attached to these hopes thus sabotaging our own growth. You know that your attachments become your greatest fear.

The person who brought this to my realisation was Dr.Susan Jeffers. When I read this for the first time I was in disbelief. My reaction was simply that what was being said was absolutely absurd. That was in 2012 and since then I have abandoned that word. When delivering a number of my workshops I bring this up and to begin with most people resist this notion.

As I go through an exercise designed by Dr.Susan Jeffers called "From Hope to Wonder" a shift starts to happen with most of the people undergoing this simple yet effective exercise.In fact another way to look at this is to go "From Hope to Trust".  A few actually resist it more as they are strongly stuck in the belief of hope. I simply let them be as that is their perception. 

Now, here is an easy way to look at "From Hope to Wonder" and "From Hope to Trust" 

  • Hope is equivalent of wishing, wanting, desiring or expectation
  • This thinking in terms of of hope could easily lead to a state of unhappiness
  • Furthermore, hope has the ability to create a fear of uncertainty
  • Hope certainly is far better than pessimism
  • Magic of wonder takes the fear of uncertainty to be replaced by curiosity
  • Magic of trust gives you the inner confidence and knowing all is well, you can handle it
  • When thinking in terms of wonder and trust it removes the sentiment of wishing, wanting, desiring and expectation
  • Trust and wonder neutralises both hoping and pessimism
All I can ask you is do your best at changing your state from hope to wonder, from hope to trust. In fact, you would start attaining the state of inner peace once you start this simple powerful journey.

Trust you will have a great journey with wonder, have a leap of faith.