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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Service Excellence four pillars of "FACT"

Day in, day out you work with customers and without a doubt one time or the other you are likely to take your customers for granted. It is imperative to avoid such a situation otherwise in the long term this has a negative impact on the bottom line of the organisation.

Think about it, you yourself are customers. You buy products, receive service and you ask for information. You want to be provided excellent customer service and when you receive that poor or mediocre service it just does not feel right. In the same manner your customers expect the service excellence out of you.

Apart from having a great product or service it is vital to remember the four pillars or fundamentals of providing service excellence:

  • First Impression - This play's a critical part in how customers feel about your organization. It is the introduction of the organization to the customer. This include aspects such as general grooming, clothing, voice, non-verbal language, individual’s personal style
  • Attitude - There is no excuse for a bad/poor attitude/behaviour. Your customer will not forget bad/poor attitude/behaviour, even when they are being difficult. 
  • Courtesy - A "Thank you" can take you a long way, always “Thank” your customer. Every organisation has competition and your goal is to ensure to retain your customer rather than sending them on to your competition. In scenarios where you are unable to provide a service or product, be thankful for their attention and business. 
  • The Right Thing - Being honest in what you provide plays a vital part in building a strong relationship with your customers. Every customer needs are important and being dishonest, misleading or withholding information never wins a customer.
As a service provider, just remember that nowadays your customers have numerous choices.  The difference is you.