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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Touched By Love

When you are touched by love, will you cry when that touch is not there? You are given the greatest gift of life, the gift called love. Love from another, that allows us to see wonders, that you never thought ever existed in your life. Your ears, eyes, mind, heart and soul are open to the most joyful feelings and your wish is that it always remain so. Yet, some of you are simply given a glimpse, a taste of such beautiful love.

At the point when that touch is not there many of you believe your world is no more, that all hope has gone and life has no meaning at all. For those of you who believe in a supreme power (Almighty) curse the existence of such power. With ease you blame this invincible force. Your misery, pain and suffering is bought upon you in such a colossal manner that you no longer can feel, see and hear the love you were given.

You question yourself why me? You analyse your every step and action which got you to this un-forsaken and abandoned place. Again and again you replay the scenes of our life and you stop at those crucial points where you think, believe and somehow convince yourself that if only I had made a different decision at that point. You regret that moment and scream at yourself in complete anger on your stupidity. And then someone turns and says to you "told you so". For now you have ventured into a labyrinth of uncontainable negative emotions; emotions that haunt every second of your life and drift into a cocoon of self-pity and disgust.

Love is the most miraculous emotion of all. A divine emotion, a feeling, a touch that once felt becomes the most serene moment of your life. It is as if your protector, guardian brings you out of the darkness and into the light. In the essence of such love you conquer fear and start moving into a life that is full of joy. The burden of living your life merely disappears. You feel light on our feet and with every step you take you know that all is where it is meant to be. All is effortless and somehow you know your life is now purpose driven. The feeling is so intense and pure that the touch of love brings out the true good from within us.

Yet, when that touch is not there you become your own worst enemy. Instead of appreciating the most precious gift you were given you see it as the cause of your pain, sorrow and a curse; you wish you never had it. You forget how it made you compassionate and removed your own self doubts. This gift made you caring towards others and allowed you to appreciate all that you have in life. You formed an attitude of gratitude for making your life journey so loving and blissful. Your self loathing and destructive behaviour somehow returns when that touch is not there.

As individual’s you can make a choice to either remember the touch of love as a miserable, heartless and cruel act that only brings suffering. 

On the other hand you can remember it to be the most glorious, magnificent and inspirational part of your life that taught you the essence of being truthful and loving towards yourself. Love is the only key that opens our ears, eyes, feelings, heart and soul to the gates of happiness.

Love is what you live for, this is your natural state. It could be love for life, love for others, love for work and much more; especially, the love for yourself. Imagine if you were true to this emotion. Yet you resist such a divine spirit.

When you look at love closely its foundation is compassion. Compassion being empathy for the suffering of yourself and others. It is important to go within for you to gain a state of compassion which leads to love. To gain this state focus on three things:
  • Trust – having the knowing within yourself, learning and knowing your true inner self
  • Openness - ability to be flexible and adaptable in all situations
  • Passion – emotion, feeling and the pure positive energy that comes from the heart and soul
Life is simply about love. Imagine, you being in this true state. Love is a journey of the unknown. For if you have been touched by love once then you will be touched by love again and again.