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Friday, 26 October 2012

The Five Truths About Fear

FEAR TRUTH #1 - The fear will never go away as long as you continue to grow! Every time you take a step into the unknown, you experience fear. There is no point in saying, "When I am no longer afraid, then I will do it." You'll be waiting for a long time. The fear is part of the package.

FEAR TRUTH #2- The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and…do it! 
When you do it often enough, you will no longer be afraid in that particular situation. You will have faced the unknown and you will have handled it. Then new challenges await you, which certainly add to the excitement in living.

FEAR TRUTH #3 - The only way to feel better about yourself is to go out and…do it!
With each little step you take into unknown territory, a pattern of strength develops. You begin feeling stronger and stronger and stronger.

FEAR TRUTH #4 - Not only are you afraid when facing the unknown, so is everyone else!
This should be a relief. You are not the only one out there feeling fear. Everyone feels fear when taking a step into the unknown. Yes, all those people who have succeeded in doing what they have wanted to do in life have felt the fear - and did it anyway. So can you!

FEAR TRUTH #5 - Pushing through fear is less frightening than living with the bigger underlying fear that comes from a feeling of helplessness!
This is the one truth that some people have difficulty understanding. When you push through the fear, you will feel such a sense of relief as your feeling of helplessness subsides. You will wonder why you did not take action sooner. You will become more and more aware that you can truly handle anything that life hands you.

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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Eat a frog first thing in the morning

“If you eat a frog first thing in the morning, the rest of your day will be wonderful.” - Mark Twain

“If you have to eat a frog, don’t look at it for too long.”  - Mark Twain

So, what does this mean?  There is an extremely famous book which explains this in an easy and effortless manner.  This book on productivity is called "Eat That Frog" by the legend Brian Tracy. The core concept behind the book simply  states you do your most important task (MIT) first thing in the morning. Thereafter the rest of the day is much easier to manage.

In other words it simply means just do the yucky stuff first, and then get on to do the other cool stuff you enjoy or are comfortable with. In this manner your are able to minimise the phenomenon where you get trapped in a difficult task you left to be completed last.

In order to eat that frog we need to be focused. In other words, we need to be aware of what needs to be done. So, for us to feel like that we are getting more out of our life, it is important to create a personal vision statement. 

For those of us who are confused about setting goals then this approach could be extremely helpful. By creating such a statement it allows us to establish our short and long term goals. Thus on the subconscious level we start impacting and influencing our daily plan i.e.  having the ability to focus on what needs to be done. 

Remember four things when you focus on what you want to achieve:

  1. Have a vision/purpose that motivates you, this brings enthusiasm and passion within you
  2. Take steady steps out of your comfort zone, this allows you to stretch/expand your comfort zone
  3. Setting yourself easy goals usually doesn't excite us an individual. Neither do they tend to motivate us to complete them as they are too easy
  4. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®, be willing to take some risks and go after what you want

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Confused About Goals!!!

A very few of us have been taught about the importance of goals.  In fact a number of us started to learn about goals sometime during our working life. Till date a lot us are still confused about goals and some of us are still learning how to set goals.

In a number of cases we are too scared to set goals as we believe we will fail. So, we avoid setting goals as they are certain pay-offs we achieve by not setting goals. We as humans love to be in our comfort zone and will find any justification or excuse for not achieving them.

Most of us believe when we are unable to achieve our goal/goals it is the end of our existence or that we are good for nothing. Our focus is so much on the negative that we forget about all the good that has happened and all the good that already exists.  We label ourself's as a failure rather then viewing the situation as a feedback. 

A feedback which could mean that we need re-evaluate our goal, think of taking smaller steps towards the goal, review carefully what resources are required, define realistic timelines (realistic to yourself) or plainly work towards a more inspiring goal.  

Everyone has their own pace and learning curve to reach to a goal. For example for one person to learn how to ride a bicycle is a matter of few hours and for another it could be a matter of days or even years. This simply means everyone has set their own limitations and will work around these limitations to get to the outcome. When we overcome these limitations we succeed.

When looking at goals we have need to think on the following basis and it is entirely up to you take up what relates to you the most:

  • S = Specific
  • M = Measurable 
  • A = Attainable
  • R = Realistic
  • T = Timely 

  • S = Specific
  • P Prizes (reward yourself)
  • I   Individual (something you want)
  • R Review (on a regular basis)
  •   = Inspiring
  • T  = Timely
  • S = Specific
  • M = Measurable
  • A = Attainable
  • R = Realistic
  • T = Timely
  • E Enthusiasm 
  • R Rewarding
HARD Goals

  • H = Heartfelt
  • A = Aspiring/Animated
  • R = Required
  • D = Dynamic/Difficult

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Your Life

Be true to yourself. Love yourself. 

Stop letting others dictate you. Stop being what others want you to be. Stop being second-rate. You know you really hurt yourself by following another.

Celebrate yourself. Be yourself. You have been given a beautiful life, so live it.

Everyone of us sometime or the other feels insecure and hurt.  Being in this state just  can be extremely painful. Being angry and stopping communication never resolves the matter. So, keep the doors of your heart and mind open and always carry a smile on that face of yours.

Laugh and smile, be carefree. Have an attitude of gratitude.

Remember this is your life. You are the mystery. You are the journey. You are exquisite. You are magical. You are beautiful.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway®

“Fear” is a filthy word and a handful of us will admit that it exists within us. For many of us it is that hidden gremlin with which we play hide and seek. When we dig a little deeper and question our behaviour, we will confess that fear is an emotion driving negative consequences in many areas of our wonderful life.

We as individuals have a need for control. This need for control makes us think of possible ways in which we could shape a situation itself. These situations could be such as public speaking, career move, divorce, separation, relationships and many more. In our wonderful mind a specific expectation is formed by us and we work towards controlling the desired outcome.

We are unable to fathom uncertainty.  The fear of losing control scares us.  We are perplexed with the feeling of fear. In fact, we are so engrossed in the dark side of fear that we completely forget that the fear is a helping hand to make us stronger and better.

Now for a moment:
  • Imagine – embracing uncertainty with ease and comfort
  • Imagine – feeling powerful about making changes in your life
  • Imagine – feeling confident enough to make a career change
  • Imagine – taking the steps in building strong loving relationships
  • Imagine – feeling inspired in living your life with joy and bliss
Rohit Bassi the founder of In Learning and presents you the international best-selling book by Susan Jeffers, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® as workshops, seminars and talks in the UAE. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

25 years after it first hit the shelves, this self-help classic is still changing lives is now available as a hands on and practical workshop. Rohit Bassi has personally been licensed by Susan Jeffers to deliver the teachings of this book.

The book itself has been endorsed by the likes of:
  • Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul - 'Should be required for every person that can read! I recommend this book in every one of my seminars!'
  • Harold Bloomfield, M.D., author of 'How to Heal Depression - 'Dr. Jeffers has written a now-classic and helpful book for anyone who wants to get unstuck and live a happier more exciting life. This is a treasure that you, as millions before you, will love. Read it, please!'
  • Louise Hay author of The Power is Within You - Living is taking chances, and 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway' has helped so many people, both men and women, to achieve success.'
Fans include actress Julie Walters and powerful women, too, such as Tamara Mellon, former boss of Jimmy Choo. Throughout the workshop you learn strategies to help:
  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Empower you to cope with challenges
  • Help you overcome fear and self doubt
  • To make the decisions that will improve your life
Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® is an internationally recognised educational training programme. The workshop is for anyone who is allowing fear, doubt, worry or social anxiety to reduce their effectiveness and enjoyment of work and life. The workshop promotes confidence and happiness. It provides the strategies, skills and knowledge for you to find enthusiasm, direction and purpose in your life.

The material further challenges traditional fear-based behaviour in the workplace and replaces this with a culture of openness, collaboration, meaning and positivity. The training is designed to produce early results for many of the issues confronting an organisation, such as change, competition, conflict, productivity, promotion, redundancy, leadership, communication that causes fear and anxiety in the workplace. 

Individuals will be empowered through the use of simple tools and techniques that can be practiced for a lifetime to become more empowered about their life.

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