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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Three "Never" Fundamentals of Being a Powerful Sales Person

There’s much debate about whether a salesperson is built or born. In a study conducted by the Harvard business review shows us that, sales people are born rather than created.

Personally, I believe different. I believe that an effective salesperson is created through his or her choice. The road will be difficult but here are the best tips I can give you to help you get there.

1. Never Be Afraid to Fail

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made by a new or experienced sales people is the fact that they are not willing to fail.

Failing is tough for a salesperson because through handling constant rejection you have to create a glimmer of hope for yourself. Often salespeople overstep the amount of hope that they put into the potential sale and when it doesn't come through, they feel deflated.

Going through 100’s of leads, either through cold calling or from selling door to door, (yes it even happens in Dubai) can be exhausting and sales people more often than not look at the sale as their glimmer of hope to give them the confidence to keep going.

So what happens when that glimmer of hope doesn't come through?bIt’s here where most people stop. It’s here that most people call it quits and decide that there's no point moving forward.bIn my eyes failing only marks the beginning of any given activity, because in truth it's not a failure, it's only your first hurdle…

I have seen that the best sales people don’t see any encounter as a failure, in fact, they see them as their first hurdle or learning experiences.

“If Howard Shultz gave up after being turned down by banks 242 times, there would be no Starbucks” Neil Patel.

Some of the best sales come only after many rejections, in fact some of the most loyal customers come in this way because they see that your not just another sales person, instead you will show your prospect or potential client that you care about their business and when you show another person that their not just another prospect and that their not just another mark on the scoreboard, that is when things will begin to fall into place.

2. Never Stop Learning

The greatest salespeople are constantly learning. Whether that be about how to speak to people in a different manner, or how to dress more effectively or even how to think in a more positive way.

They learn these things at seminars, through books and even, by meditating.If you feel that you're not absorbing the information at seminars and training programs you must learn how to learn. Learning to learn can be easy if you have a schedule. set a time for yourself and stick to it.

With time, you will be able to increase the amount of time you spend reading and learning. This can take weeks or it could take months. Rome wasn't built in a day so if you're committed to this then you will get to a point when you can read and learn for as long as you want to rather than how long your concentration or your focus allows you to.

Once you have done this, a whole wealth of knowledge opens up. You can then read great books like Robert Caldini’s Influence: Psychology of Persuasion, or 7 habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Books and seminars will give you the knowledge of people who have gone out, experimented, failed, learned from their mistakes and then succeeded.

If attending seminars seem like a costly affair then books are the best way to learn new skills, habits, and mindsets. If you don't know what book to buy, check out any of the blogs below.
Now you have no excuse left but to tackle your new journey of learning head on and with passion. The knowledge that experienced people have is priceless when it comes to being a sales person.

3. Never Give Up

The most difficult part of being a sales person is a continued belief in optimism.

“He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right” Confucius.

If you believe that you will be able to, make one more phone call then you will. If you believe that you will be able to make one more sale for the month then you will.

However if you tell yourself that you've hit the “wall” and can't work past 4 o clock then you won’t. If you believe that you can't close the at the sales meeting that you're going to then the probability is that you won't close that as well.

Once you get this belief into your system that you can have your future take any shape that you choose then you will be able to make sales, create wealth or even start and grow your own company.

By far the most important skill of all is to believe that you can keep pushing no matter how high the odds are stacked up against you.

When you develop the ability to, push past all the points where you feel tired or burned out, then failure will no longer apply to you. This is because you will keep going until you succeed.

In conclusion. Always be ready for a learning experience, when you stop viewing the world as wins and losses you will begin viewing things as learning experiences when that happens you will be able to move your sales at a faster pace by learning from each encounter and getting you closer to the sale.

If all this seems scary, I have one piece suggestion for you "Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®"

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