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Friday, 25 December 2015

It Is Not About Fashion, It Is About Style

“Fashion changes, but style endures” is a wonderful quote by Coco Chanel yet many of us indulge in fashion without recognising the core focus needs to be on style; its such an amazing metaphor for life itself.

Many define fashion, as a popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people. On the other hand style is a manner of doing or presenting yourself, simply a distinctive manner of expression. For example you may wear a fashion label such as Armani but are unable to carry it with style. The whole charm of the attire is lost and you may come across as a show-off rather than a person of refinement.

In a similar manner most of you walk through life without style, in other words without amplifying your awareness, consciousness and energy to uplift yourself. You are so engrossed in the mundane fashion of life that you forget to taste life itself. Such people have the perfect excuse of saying they have no time and follow the fashion crowd. In other words you can live your life in fear or take the opportunity to live in the spirit of love. People who live with love make the time rather than hide behind excuses, they live their life in their own unique style.

Save your pathetic excuses. It’s not about “having time". It’s about "making time". When you make time for yourself and share your precious time with others you have moved from the realm of fashion into style. Your are then on the journey of serving yourself and others from the heart.

Yves Saint Laurent said, "Fashion is fleeting, style is eternal." Fashion is for the masses and difficult to keep up with but style is something that comes from within and leaves an everlasting impact on yourself and others. Either you can follow the masses to become asses or take a leap of faith to be who you truly are.

With your life you can either live it like fashion thus focus on the outer appearance, just as the clothing you wear. Or you can live in style, work from the inside out to fulfil your purpose of life, so no matter what clothing you wear you walk through life with phenomenal class. Your style goes beyond the body; it is a your body, mind, heart and soul being in complete alignment thus allowing you to be in your higher-self.

“When it comes to fashion, of course, I don’t like to be just like everybody else. Having my own identity is very important to me. I design for my own pleasure and it is important for me to get the whole look right. So more than just the dress, I also like to play with the styling. Trying stuff and changing them around, until I achieve just the right and complete look.” Furne One

It is amazing how Furne One powerful words could be related to your growth and evolution of life. You may stand by the riverbank and watch the water of life just pass by you. Clothed in the fashion of fears (that you call reality) you are frightened to jump into the water. A false impression lies within you that only when the perfect current will come along you will sail with comfort into the ocean. So, you wait for the flawless moment, which may or may not arrive.

Or you can take that leap of faith in love and with your own unique style just jump into the river and swim. You certainly will flow down the river of life even it means washing up just little bit further downstream. It is simply a step forward and you have done it your way.

The core essence of your style is governed by two emotions. One being love and the other fear.  It is due to your deepest fear you avoid pursuing the essence of love.

When you open the floodgates of your heart the magic begins. Be aware thoughts of fear, anger and lack creep in. They say they are your best friends. On the other hand please take this opportunity to keep focus, pay attention, be aware and breathe in the power of love.

Love is your inner eternal style, the only power that will ensure that you move forward and be in a truly loving relationship with yourself and others.

"Someday it's gonna make sense."

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