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Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Ego Disguises - Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe - Part 3

I travelled the world a million times, only to return to where I began. 

Thoughts of fear, anger and lack creep into my well being. They say they are my best friends but the higher self whispers the ego is back again. Disguised in different shapes and forms it wants to take over your life. A struggle that is within me cries out for freedom again and again.

Sometimes, I am able to break free but the chains of this dark misery catches up with me when I am most vulnerable. As they pretend to be my caretakers they make me fall once again. And when I fall it hurts, the pain is felt throughout my essence. The pain is unbearable and the tears just roll down my face.

In this quiet desperation my guardian angel appears. She holds me in her arms and showers me with unconditional love. With compassion she shows me the glory of life and in that moment I gasp for the  freshness of air. The light shines so bright that I find my peace once again.

The ego in its many disguises of fear, anger and lack stares me in the eyes. In the most venomous words says "I will be back."  This time I stare them in the eyes and smile. In that moment I say "I Am DIVINE, I Am". 

I now know the ego can no longer hurt me and stays away from me, as I am the divine.

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