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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Love is Life

Love is what you live for. 

Love for life, love for others, love for work, love for money and much more; more importantly, the love for yourself. Imagine if you were true to this emotion, the true nature of humans.

When you look at love closely its foundation is compassion. Compassion could be defined as the empathy for the suffering of yourself and others. It is important to look within for you to gain a state of compassion which leads to love.

To gain this state let us focus on three things:
  • Trust – this is having belief in yourself, learning and knowing your true inner self
  • Openness - having the ability to be flexible and adaptable in all situations
  • Passion – the emotion, feeling and the pure positive energy that comes from the heart and soul

 Life is simply about love. Imagine, you being in this true state.