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Monday, 4 March 2013

When A Man Loves A Woman

We all hear about how a woman always gets hurt in love. We always hear about how the woman sacrifices all that she has for the love of her man. Then we continue to hear how agonising and extremely painful is for her to be parted from her love. A woman is symbolised and immortalised as being the ever giving demigod of love. She will put her beloved's wants and needs before her own.

Now stop and wonder for that split second a man can also go through the same. Okay, women out there might find it extremely difficult to put themselves into a man’s shoe but for the moment at least give it go. Some women might just be rolling over and laughing at this thought. In fact a lot of them might find the whole idea completely absurd and insane. However, just entertain yourself for a moment and just imagine/see, hear, and feel it.

Just like a woman, a man quenches for the love of his woman. A man wants to feel secure and loved by his woman. He too goes through the motions of not feeling loved by her woman. He too feels that he is being ignored by the one who is dearest to him. A man goes through the same agony of being parted from his beloved.

Yet a man is not permitted to show these emotions or fully express them. If he shows those emotions or fully expresses wanting the one dearest to him he is considered by the woman as needy and a weak individual. It is believed by our society and drilled into our minds a man has to be the strong one in the relationship, the one who should be leading; the one who should keep the emotions within until asked by a woman to show them.

A man feels resentment (as much as a woman) when his beloved is not for him. However, the moment a man expresses those feelings of the want and need of his woman he is considered by the woman to be a boy throwing his toys out of his pram. He is not mature enough and so should not even be in a relationship.

Through the centuries the man has sculpted himself in such a way that emotions are rarely shown and so a man is generally categorised as being emotionless and insensitive. For a man who shows those emotions and is sensitive the woman quotes him to be “spineless”, “pathetic” and “sad”. 

It is extremely easy for a woman to point the finger at a man. Like a woman a man is made of flesh, blood and pain. He to feels he that his windpipe is being squeezed and can't breathe when his love one is not there for him. He too feels the hurt piercing deep in his heart. He too cries on those lonely nights thinking of his beloved. He too has sleepless nights.

Psychotic behaviour (such as taking an overdose of sleeping pills, cutting your wrists, stalking, giving death threats, physical abuse) from either a woman or man is never the right thing. It is unfair for both parties to emotionally blackmail their so called beloved. Just remember the saying ““If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were.”

Both men and women are equal. Both actually feel the same, when in love.