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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Madno - My Love, My Beloved

Madno is a Kashmiri word and it means my love, my beloved. I heard the word in a song that was played in the Hindi movie Lamhaa (means moment). 

Have you ever loved someone who you could call your love, beloved, madno?  Think about it.  And if so, does that person to date still brings that special smile to your face. For some, tears may just flow when you think of the person, these simply being tears of happiness when you think of them. While the tears gently roll down the contour of your aging face do you smile, do you actual feel peaceful? 

Does that person always come to your mind? Wherever you are and whatever you do you feel that person’s presence? For some strange reason this person's beautiful and colourful image is always there. It so ingrained within you that no one can take it away from you. There is a sense of calm and perfection when this person simply appears in your mind and thoughts.

You may be oceans apart and last saw the person several years ago but somehow the memories were simply like yesterday. On the other hand that person is still with you, loving you and taking care of you. Could this be your madno? 

Only you know in your heart and soul if that person is your madno. It is your feelings.  No matter what others say to you, you will somehow know that person is your madno.  You may not be together anymore yet at peace that your madno is just fine.

By the way you might have different madnos in your stages of life and all of them may be special to you in one way or the other. We are humans and then life happens which takes us on different paths, each of us have to finish our own journey.

Life is mysterious; you will never know what will happen next. For all you know the next breath will be your last breath.  And when you take that last breath will you have regrets. Regrets that you did not do your best, regrets you hurt your loved ones, and regrets you did not live your dreams. 

Regret you never told that person that they are your madno.