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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Fat2Fit - Today I Am Better Than Yesterday

In the early part of 2013 I had a great opportunity to deliver Service Excellence workshops in Afghanistan. This blog entry is not about that eye opening experience of Afghanistan, it is about an individual called Aris Serquina who I met around the same time. When you look at Aris you can see he is healthy, in fact you will immediately define his physique as extremely fit. You will believe this man has been like this all his life and is very regimental about his health.

The truth is this is absolutely untrue, it is a complete lie. A while back he was weighing well over 100 kg and had an outrageous eating habit of fried and grease foods, fizzy drinks, pizzas, burgers and desserts. So, his major food in take consisted of bad carbohydrates and fats. To top it up he had the greatest excuse of having no time to exercise. The results of this could easily be seen from his body shape. A shape of being a round figure, yes he was overweight. 
His wedding day was around the corner and with the look he had he could be described as the Michelin Man in a groom suit. His doctor had warned him that he was seriously in an unhealthy shape.

Many people in such a circumstance believe they cannot change, there is no way out and this is the way their life is meant to be. Numerous justification, excuses pop-up and even the blame game is played.

Individuals say things such as there is no time to eat healthy and exercise, its too difficult, I am not that fat, I am more lovable this way, I tried before and this healthy living doesn't work, my partner/family thinks I look fine, its the governments fault why do they allow such bad foods, my parents never encouraged me to eat healthy or be physically fit, its in the family genes, I have hormonal imbalance, I am vegetarian so I cannot get good protein, all healthy food taste bad. This list can be never ending.

Aris on the other hand took 100% responsibility for his experience of life. Rather then excuses, justification and playing the blame game he made a decision to change for himself. A change that made him healthy and fit. He made a decision to live a healthier life. Once, he made that decision he was able to set goals, overcome obstacles and stay on the path of his healthy life style. Self-pity was thrown out of the window.

His inner belief is what Adidas states as "Impossible Is Nothing" and he took the action Nike defines as "Just Do It". He turned his experience from ABC to AUC. Rather then being in a state of hypothermia, which has the end result of death, he is applying the many elements of the Seven Essentials of a Happy Life.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of giving up. Once a decision was made, Aris followed through with his commitment. He realised and gained the awareness that his better healthy lifestyle was not for others but for himself. He was finally being truthful to his inner self. 

Well done Aris Serquina, keeping inspiring others.