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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Your PAGE on Customer Service

You have experienced a variety of customer service and may define them into different levels or categories. 

After talking with numerous people it can be seen the levels or categories could easily be divided into four distinct parts known as PAGE (yet there is a fifth level which most people are unaware of):
  • Pathetic – You know this type of service is simply miserable. It is so outrageously disgusting that you get angry, frustrated and in some cases you may simply lose your composure.
  • Average – In such a service you expect nothing great from the provider. You simply get served and that is the end of it.
  • Good - This is where you feel that you have someone paying attention to your needs and wants. You respect the organisation for their effort
  • Excellent - For such a service to happen you believe they have just got it right and appreciate the fact that the service provided is going beyond your expectations
The ultimate level of customer service is Soul Based Service Excellence.

It’s simply perfect. In such a service scenario you made the customer feel as the king/queen in that time span of interaction even if the customer did not purchase a service/product from you. Such a service makes the customer smile.

Soul Based Service Excellence is never about a transaction, it is about feelings, energy and enthusiasm.