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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Customer Service & Its Many Challenges

We have all been customers. We have all interacted with somebody trying to sell us some product or service. 

We have all walked down the streets of where we live, work or play and noticed people that appeared to be different than us. Different how? Different in their physical appearance. Different in the way they spoke. Different in their upbringing and many other differences. 

At around the age of 10, I was able to work in my Parents delicatessen in Sydney, Australia and at times my job was to open the shop and serve the customers who came through the door.  Now, when you are 10 and would rather be out playing than ‘working’, I am not quite sure of what type of  service I would have provided! 

But a few decades later it occurred to me that these early experiences helped shape my thinking and left me curious about how we  ought to interact with each other  in a much more dignified and respectful way.

So, throw all of the above  into the mix and let us talk about this thing called Customer Service. Given that organizations have invested billions in attempting to teach their people to serve their customers well, it seems that there are just as many customer complaints, just as many disgruntled customers today as ever.

So, what is going on? Why does it seem we have not advanced much at all?

Well, let us get back to basics. Customers are people. People are driven by emotions. And, emotions  and behaviors are driven by beliefs.  Which raises some interesting questions.  

As you think about your upbringing and school and College days, how much help, guidance or training did you receive in the areas of understanding and handling of emotions ? What training did you receive about the makeup of beliefs and how beliefs impact your life and well being in countless ways?- 

My best guess, is that if you are like most people, very little. And, I am guessing that you now have a little insight as to what we have to address if we are to improve customer service.

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