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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Journey of Self Discovery

It is not that easy to pinpoint just when I became fascinated by the whole field of self discovery and reading everything I could get hold of to gain more information and understanding.

Whilst in 1st year of High School, I received a book entitled “Your Brain and How to Use It “. It occurred to me some decades later that this book may have had a profound effect on my thinking and helped shape the areas in which I spent my time, directed my energies and wished to explore.

I do recall that in my young days it was not difficult to make friends . I loved my  school days – not for the subjects I was supposed to learn – but for the times of tearing around the school yard chasing  after the football or seeing how fast I could run  as against the other boys and how far I could jump  and the like .  

And, I do recall the many hours I spent alone in my own thoughts imagining  I was entering some prestigious event like the Olympics and how I would perform. Well, Olympics and World Cups came and went – and instead of performing in them - I either read about them or watched them on television!

As I think back to my youth and up through my twenties and thirties , I thought it would be a healthy pursuit to attempt to bring back the memories of just what books and articles and videos and people  and countless examples from many Countries  really had an impact on me and others. 

So, I plan to list books and other resources that I feel other people – on their own journey  of course – may well benefit from. Maybe, just maybe, I can help some folks save some valuable time.  So, put on your seat belt, and let us drive across and pick up the lessons and learnings and mistakes and all of the rest of it on our journey.

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