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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The "I-AM" Service Excellene Model

Whatever your job role, you are interacting with people. So, these people being internal colleagues and/or external individuals. Both parties in essence are your customers. Your role has an implication on the service you offer your customers.

The “I-AM” customer service model simply states three main critical paths to being customer focused and providing service excellence:

  • Is a philosophy - Customer service commitment has to and needs to be demonstrated by all employees, from the front line people right up to the CEO.  It is not about a team, department, a program or a policy. It is about the whole organization.
  • Aware of your behavior/attitude – Poor service has a serious and negative impact on the reputation and performance of an organisation. Winston Churchill stated “attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”  With the right attitude you will make a immense difference in how you deliver service to your customers.
  • Meeting expectations - Before you can provide service excellence you need to meet expectations. All customers have four basic expectations which are simply to be understood, feel welcome, important and comfortable.

So, ask yourself the question:

“What requires more skill – managing a happy customer or an angry (upset) customer?”