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Monday, 30 September 2013

SAS will make you Happy

Its true, SAS will make you a happier individual. 

You may wonder how is this possible when the SAS is an elite special force. Some of you may think it is either Scandinavian Airlines System, SAS Business Analytics or SAS Cargo.

The SAS I talk of is simply :

Smile – Many cultures see the act of a smile as a sign of friendliness, especially when greeting someone. While frowns are viewed up as indicating sadness or disapproval. So, it is recommended to maintain the expression of a smile for 15 to 30 seconds. It is suggested for you to create this positive habit by reminding yourself to do this every hour. This investment of 15 to 30 seconds will only make you reap great benefits in all parts of your life.

Act Happy – Individuals who are happy have a tendency to value themselves. They value themselves in terms of having great positive self-belief (self confidence, self esteem). This self-belief is shown through their communication skills i.e. non-verbal communication, verbal communication (voice and words) and written communication. Their emotional fitness is in good shape. They are happy as they value the importance of their existence. They have the ability to see everything in their life as a learning experience to become better rather then using those experiences as self-sabotage. They have built a very strong positive rapport with themselves.

Sit/Stand Up – Tony Robbins often talks about how your physiology impacts how great you feel about yourself. Some of you may remember your parents, elders or even teachers saying to you stand/sit up straight. In fact, this simply means having a good posture. A bad posture obviously leads to health issues but a good posture sends a signal of confidence and self-presence. When we sit/stand up straight we are allowing our lungs to be used to their full capacity. For the brain to function in a healthy manner it needs to be oxygenated. So, filling those lungs with ample amount of oxygen has great benefit for your creative thinking, happiness and health.

Thank you to the book 59 Seconds by Professor RichardWiseman for revealing this ancient truth through modern scientific evidence.

So, put your trust in the SAS to make you happy, like the say "Who Dares Wins".