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Thursday, 24 October 2013

“WICA” - Four Basic Customers Needs & Wants

At the simplest level, all customers have these four basic needs and wants. These being:

  • Welcome – You as a customer want to feel welcomed no matter what product/service you wish to acquire
  • Important – When you purchase a product/service you want to be given importance and want to be assured that it is the right purchase
  • Comfortable – With every interaction you have during your  service you want to be sure that it is free from stress or anxiety; with ease you can purchase your requirement
  • Acknowledge – You want to be understood at each step of the service. If you have any concerns or queries you want to feel that it is being understood and being addressed appropriately

This is exactly what your customers want from you when they require service from you. This is no rocket science. Like you the customer has feelings and emotions that need to be respected throughout your service interaction.