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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Secert of Great Sales - Four Pillars to Create & Grow Sales

A number of sales people miss out on the four pillars that drive the sales of an organisation. These being:
  1. Unique Selling Proposition/Point (USP) – What is exceptional about your service/ product? How do your products/services differentiate from other vendors?
  2. Benefits Advantages Features (BAF) – Customers just don’t buy features. Neither do they just buy the advantages. What they really buy what the features & advantages will do for them, which means the benefits.
  3. Unique Perceived Benefit (UPB) – This was developed by The Marketing Guild and simply means what your USP means to your customer. In other words the perspective of the customer about your service/products. What your offering is in terms with your customer needs and wants?
  4. Research. Analysis. Plan (RAP) – Before your interactions with the customer have you done your homework about your products/services and more importantly your customer. Do you really have the insights of your products/services? Have you studied your customer?
These four pillars allow you to uncover the true value of your services/products and truly identify who truly are you customers. In this manner allowing you to create and grow sales.

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