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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Here We Are Now!!!

Within a flash, within a blink of an eye my life passes by. 

Year on year there is a sweet voice within me that nudges me to move on, take the plunge, and make a difference. Then the fear of regret, resentment and rejection overwhelms every part of me and I stop.

This feeling of uncertainty when will it cease to exist. The struggle of life becomes a hindrance in my every step. The sleepless nights haunt my every dream and aspiration.

As I carry on walking into this journey called life, in the distance, there is a glimmer of nirvana or is this a delusion of my mind that seeks perfection in all that is.

My name is Rohit Bassi and I am the founder of In Learning. My mission is about sowing the seeds of passion to help you outperform yourself by enhancing your core critical skills of communication, leadership and collaboration. I have delivered workshops to the likes of Oracle, Harley-Davidson, Emirates NBD, Emaar, Alshaya, Baskin Robbins, Mazda and many more. Please feel free to contact me via or call on +971-(0)55-553-2275.