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Friday, 27 December 2013

It Is About Serving You

My aim is to provide Soul Based Service Excellence to you. For a long time I have been wondering what can I do that will allow your life (in terms of your learning and development) to have greater flexibility, more accessibility and especially be valuable. 

So, I had the idea to introduce online learning for you. I am a great believer in technology. It is due to technology I landed with my first professional job. My earlier life was all about being technical. Then it dawned on me being technical was not enough. In fact, it was all about people and how technology could be used to serve them better.

Obviously, nothing beats the human interaction and the purpose of technology is to empower the individual and organisations to excel in whatever their goals are. So, finally I have taken the leap and am launching an online learning (e-learning) platform.

"Constant Learning Anywhere, Anytime” to launch 2014 by In Learning. It is simply all about you.There are over 400 courses available online, these being both for IT and Soft Skills. So, for you its about:
  • Flexibility – you decide when and where you learn, manage your time as you want
  • Accessibility – you select what device (PC, MAC, Tablet or Mobile) to learn on 
  • Valuable – you work with investments that are within easy reach

The purpose of this easy to use online learning (e-learning) solution is:
  • Blending learning for self development
  • Engage with courses at your leisure
  • Avoid unnecessary commuting to training venues
  • Cost effective for individuals and organisations
  • Eliminate expense such as travel and hotel stay
  • Expand learning options 

Some of the common features for all the courses available online are as follows:
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Mac & PC Compatible
  • Inline Quizzes
  • Progress status
  • Global access
  • Easy to use
  • Valid for 12 months