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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Get Past Your FEARS

Often I talk about passing through your fears. Les Brown, a great inspirational speaker, in many of his talks he speaks about fear. He says to his listeners "Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®

Fear is a filthy word and most of us use any kind of justifications, excuses or circumstances to hide it, cover it or disguise it. 

In Les Brown's own words, in this short video, he talks about getting past your fears:

For many of us it is that awful gremlin with which we play hide and seek. When we dig a little deeper and question our behaviour, we will confess that fear is an emotion driving negative consequences in many areas of our wonderful life.
Accept you have fears and only then you will pass through them.
Learn to accept your fear in order to pass through them. Click here to contact In Learning to attend a workshop on "Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®.