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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Damaged By Limiting Beliefs

One of the worst things that could happen to you is having a negative state of mind, a state of mind drowning in struggle, worry, fear and poverty.
It is extremely unfortunate that the education system has not thought you on how to manage your emotional state. It focuses on confining you into a box. You become robots to the current system of how the world operates. In such a controlled regime you have lost your creativity and your true essence of being human.
From the moment you are born you are sowed with seeds of limiting beliefs. Our parents, society, media, government and others so called caretakers at a tender age instill you with extreme limiting beliefs. There are some of you who are fortunate enough to have caretakers who have sowed the beliefs of creative, prosperity and joy.
These limiting beliefs sabotage your existence especially when you come into adulthood. In adulthood you are told to deal with it and resolve it. For so many years you have been following limiting beliefs and now you are asked to deal with it!!! This is completely crazy, so much damage has been done and now you are left to just deal with it!!!
Yes, you would like to resolve it and you start looking for answers in subjects such as Reiki, NLP, Hypnosis, Meditation, EFT and much more. None of them have a lasting effect as your monkey mind jumps from one tree to another. It finds it difficult to settle in one place. The agonising chitchat in the mind makes matters worse.
Your limiting beliefs create havoc for you and on an ongoing basis without deliberate intention your inner child repeats the same damaging mistakes again and again.
So, a few questions ponder into the mind, these being:
  • What is the solution to this?
  • How can our children be saved from this damage?
  • For us adults, what could be done to save us from such misery?
Maybe someone has the answer and if so, please share it with the rest of us.

Rohit Bassi is the founder of In Learning and works with you so that you can outperform yourself. He works on the premise of “Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway®” and the "100 0 Principle". He has carried out work for orgnisations such as Oracle, EMC, Alshaya, Baskin Robbins, Mazda, Emirates NBD, Emaar and many more. Please feel free to contact him on or call on +971-(0)55-553-2275.