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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Power of Three: Secret of a Quality Voice

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it”? 

Our voice can easily communicate the wrong message to the other person. This wrong use of the voice combined with unfriendly words and body language can make the situation worse.

The three secrets of a quality voice are simply:

  1. Pitch Power – When your pitch is high it often informs the person you are anxious or upset. You may come across as unfriendly and are unaware of how to behave with others. A medium pitch comes across as more serious and authoritative. Great to have but some people may see it as being autocratic and rigid. Be careful, a smile will help here. A low pitch could make the other person feel you lack confidence and may not trust you.
  2. Tone Truth- I have often heard my close friend say to me in anger “I don’t like that tone of voice!”. This basically refers to the combination of various pitches being used to set a scene or a mood. Listening to the tone of the voice you are able to envisage whether you are friendly or unfriendly. In essence they portray your feelings.
  3. Speed Strength – When someone speaks as fast a speeding train it is extremely difficult to understand him or her. This will especially make the other person feel you are anxious and in a rush. While someone who speaks at a moderate pace it certainly is easier to comprehend him or her. Speaking very slow will surely make the other person lose interest and many a times the other person will believe what you are saying is not at all important.
Our voice tends to mirror our inner feelings and great caution is advised on how you use your voice. Remember when your voice comes across as annoyed, impatient, or condescending, the listening party could easily get difficult with you. 

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