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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Customer Is NOT Always Right

Yes I said it and you read it correct, “the customer is not always right”. Most of us are led to believe the customer is always right but you know from your practical experience that this is an absurd thing to say.

So, at close analysis I would like to say “the customer is always right in his/her world”. You see the customer has a certain perception of the level of service he/she is expecting. We necessarily are not always aware of this and make an assumption based on experience, company policy and other factors on what the expectation could be. Sometimes, we under value the expectation or their expectations are beyond our capacity.

We need to realise the customer is always right in his/her world and we are right in our world. So, there is a misalignment of thoughts from both parties. The challenge here is the customer or we “assume” the expectations. Remember this word assume is a dirty word and simply means “making an ASS out of U and ME”

Please stop being in this state of “assume”. Just be more aware of your customers needs and wants which leads to letting them know the flexibility and limitations of your services/ products. Always remember to clarify your expectations as well to the customer. 

This in turn is the foundation to eliminate the creation of a difficult customer. 

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