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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Stupid Mistakes

Throughout your life you will make many mistakes, some of them you will simply define as stupid mistakes. I have done this and till date do it.

Stupid mistakes because at that moment in time your intelligence escapes you. Due to lack of meaning or sense of life you carry out acts, which are out of character.  Your life seems inane and pointless that your sensibility runs away to a place unknown to yourself.

These stupid mistakes could turn out to be your greatest learning but at the same time they could be something that may or my not bite you back sometime in the future; of that only time will be the true witness.

In the presence of this dark side of yours, you are ashamed to face yourself. Hideous feelings of loneliness, emptiness, anger and fear make you take actions that get engraved in your memory of utter regret.

The disappointment of your actions haunt you and it feels as if the four walls are closing in on you. You gasp for air with the trust somehow or someone will rescue you from your misery of the stupid mistake.

No matter how painful or difficult it may be, the only solution is you yourself. Looking outwards into the world will never resolve the matter; you will have to learn to work from the inside out.

You are the solution, find it from within.

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