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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Absence of Love - Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe - Part 5

In my conversations with Dr.Ramesh the phrase "absence of love" stuck in my mind. 

Many would wonder this is the love of the intimate kind. It could be that depending on where you are in your life, what you want in life or what truly is important to you in life. From where I stand it goes beyond that, some of it is about the intimate love but it is much more to do with what is within.
It is about seeing and feeling your self worth from the inside out. For the "absence of love" is what causes us great stress, failure, resentment, jealousy, anger and fear in our life. This is the dark side that lives in us. 

We are entangled in the so called reality of the world and engrossed in its superficial ways. Fame and fortune is something we strive for that we forgot the true essence of our own existence. We are programmed in such a manner that we search for the answers out there rather than within us.

I hear some people say the universe is within us and not out there. They say it is about being in the now, nothing else. Nothing is under our control, nothing whatsoever, all we can do is be truly 100% in the moment.

Most important of all is that to love yourself. As this the greatest gift you can bestow upon yourself. The question is how does one do this.

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