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Thursday, 13 June 2013

IKO of a Great Speaker

There are three common errors you will make when presenting/public speaking

  1. Fear -  You allow the mind and nerves to take over thus performing as an amateur.
  2. Teller -  You focus and strongly feel the need to lecture the audience. You tell the audience everything you know about the subject. Too many details tends to have little impact on the audience.
  3. Communication -  You display poor verbal, written and non-verbal communication throughout the talk. You have a lack of eye contact, show strange non-verbal communication, inappropriate voice projection and even poor posture.
There is good news and that is there are only three things that you need to get right to become a great presenter/ speaker

  1. Inner Self - Always focus on creating and managing a positive mind-set.  In other words the way you think and feel has a dramatic effect on what you deliver. 
  2. Knowledge - Ensure the content you present should have a clear structure. Your ability to entice the audience will be dependent on the clarity of projecting the knowledge you want to share
  3. Outer Self - The way you use your verbal, non-verbal and written communication such as words, breathing and voice immensely affects your delivery style